Back From The Show

Whew! Since returning from TNNA, the phones have been ringing off the hook and email has been coming in droves, thanks to a write up in Knitters Review and different blogs- Ravelry, Craftzine, Lime and Violet and Yarn Market. The show was a great success and we have made many new friends from all over the country. Our next planned show is TNNA in Columbus, Ohio and thanks for all the feedback!


  1. I love "jewelry" with a functional use! It's on my list to buy. I'd love to see this device in an antique bronze or silver with old-fashioned decrative designs etched on the case. A matching chain to hang it on would be nice too. The amazing utility of this device gives me a "Steampunk" vibe. Very cool!!

  2. Will the Knit Kit be available in the UK? I really hope so!